Asher Yoga

Photography, just like Yoga itself, is a form of creative expressionism and in our collaboration with Terrie of Asher Yoga, who is fully trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga and Jivamukti.  The purpose was to capture Terrie’s unique spiritual style and to help and inspire like minded beautiful souls who are embarking on their yoga journey, and to remind them; the practice of yoga is not about how beautiful you look in a particular pose, it’s about finding how beautiful you are on the inside and its about not showing how strong you are, it’s about how strong you can become in the mind.

Focusing primarily upon the asanas from the Jivamukti form of yoga, which is a yoga practice that combines the physical, spiritual & ethical aspects of yoga including taking your practice off the mat, to improve relationships and to have compassion for all living beings, we were able to combine both of our passions to focus, create and capture a series if images that captured the true essence and the magic of Jivamukti.  As Terrie practiced a flowing vinyasa sequence, focusing upon her breath to bring her mind to the present moment, using a simple one low key light set-up to direct light on the alignment of each asana, Sukhino Captures was able to unobtrusively focus upon capturing the asanas in their true form and bring Terrie’s love of Jivamukti and yoga to life.

View more images from our Asher Yoga photoshoot below


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