Yoga, Fitness & Photography; United to promote wellness and a positive state of mind

Firstly, I hope you and your family are all well, are safe and are living your life right now as best as you can during the current situation with COVID19 that is affecting many people’s lives all around our world.  It is unprecedented and we are all in the midst of a difficult time.   

The uncertainty of how and if you can bring your business back to normal is something that may be difficult to comprehend. Thoughts of how and if the challenging situation that you are experiencing will be resolved is no doubt at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  But we should not be thinking about the if, we should be thinking; when.  And I would like to help you wherever I can, for ‘when’ comes.

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Photography and Videography; Content that inspires

We have all heard of the phase; a picture is worth a thousand words.  And for me personally, I feel that to be true.

A photograph is more than just an image of a yogi in an asana.  A photograph of a retreat or event is more than just an image of the location where it was taken.  A photograph provides you with a narrative to tell you a story.  It paints you picture of the person or event to provide you with a visual representation of who they are, where they are from and what it is they are doing.  The purpose is to help and guide you, and to engage you, so that you can feel and enjoy that experience too.  A photograph takes you on a journey.

But if a photograph is worth a thousand words, then where does that leave video?  According to a study by James McQuivey he states;

“If a picture is worth a thousand words; a video has to be worth at least 1.8million”.

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My Life Journey & Organ Donation

In life, we experience many moments of peace and happiness, yet sometimes we lose our focus. We forget about the important things in our lives. We forget the moments in our lives that have made us who we are now, and those that have shaped our future direction. 

I wanted to share my personal life experience with you, the journey that my life has taken, overcoming adversity to achieve my dream of working in Television Production, being able to travel the world and now my focusing upon my next goal; continuing to create engaging and thought provoking photography.  

Through sharing my life experience, I also wanted to share how discovering the practice of yoga has helped me personally. 

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Asher Yoga

Photography, just like Yoga itself, is a form of creative expressionism and in our collaboration with Terrie of Asher Yoga, who is fully trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga and Jivamukti.  The purpose was to capture Terrie’s unique spiritual style and to help and inspire like minded beautiful souls who are embarking on their yoga journey, and to remind them; the practice of yoga is not about how beautiful you look in a particular pose, it’s about finding how beautiful you are on the inside and its about not showing how strong you are, it’s about how strong you can become in the mind.

Street Yoga Shoot

The practice of yoga has no limits, it is limitless.  Your yoga journey can take you beyond the walls of a studio full of serenity or the comfort of your own home, in-fact; your practice can take place anywhere in the world and in my first collaboration with The Yoga Collective, a beautiful and peaceful yoga studio set in the heart of the Cathedral City of Lichfield, Sukhino Captures was commissioned to capture yogis in full flow at a Flash Mob street yoga event.

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Sukhino Captures

Welcome to the Sukhino Captures!

Based in the Cathedral City of Lichfield, Sukhino Captures was created with the sole purpose of helping others to share the art form of Yoga through natural and authentic fine art photography and the love and happiness that it brings to the mind body and soul.

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