Street Yoga Shoot

The practice of yoga has no limits, it is limitless.  Your yoga journey can take you beyond the walls of a studio full of serenity or the comfort of your own home, in-fact; your practice can take place anywhere in the world and in my first collaboration with The Yoga Collective, a beautiful and peaceful yoga studio set in the heart of the Cathedral City of Lichfield, Sukhino Captures was commissioned to capture yogis in full flow at a Flash Mob street yoga event.

Hosted by Melbourne, a unique and quirky coffee shop in the centre of Lichfield, Clare and Lynny, owners of The Yoga Collective and who have 20 years experience of teaching yoga between them, guided yogis from all walks of life through a fun-filled Vinyasa flow.
With the yoga mats laid out on the street on the doorstep of Melbourne, and the Yogis in full vinyasa flow, we were able to flow freely between the mats and using the beauty of natural light, we focused and captured the authenticity, love, energy and freedom that the practice of yoga brings, whilst the Yogis embraced the love and fun of their practice on the street.
View more images from our Yoga Flash Mob photoshoot below


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